Today’s blog post is a simple one. I’ve compiled a list of FREE Easter-themed activities for you to use in your sessions over the next few days. Some of the activities have a general “spring” theme and can be reused even after Easter is over. Please note that I have not personally created any of these activities, nor do I have a relationship with the creators. I see most of my teletherapy clients toward the end of the week and have decided to share my planning notes with you. All you need to do is copy and paste into your own document or bookmark this blog post for easy access to the websites hyperlinked here.

If you find that you are needing help with sharing materials and making your sessions interactive, on April 10th I’ll be launching a Technology in Telepractice course. This course is for those who need further support with technology and troubleshooting. This course includes lessons, handouts, and video demonstrations, and can be completed on your own time and at your own pace. If you enroll now, you will receive the introductory pricing of $25. Click here for more information.

I hope the list of activities below helps simplify your planning over the next few weeks. Remember to keep it simple, and HAVE FUN! Enjoy!

Activities for Reinforcement:

Easter Memory: Easter-themed scenes

Easter Egg match game: Decorative eggs, various colors and patterns

Make an Easter egg: Decorate, hide, then, find egg

Easter Egg Hunt

Activities for General Language and Articulation:

Easter Crossword Puzzle: Grades 3 and up

Easter Word Search: Grades 1 and up

Boom Card Decks:

Easter-themed tic-tac-toe

Easter-themed color concept/following directions

Easter-themed prepositions

Easter-themed train /k/ in all positions of words

Easter: I see…

Teachers Pay Teachers Downloads:

Easter-themed prepositions and sentences

Easter-themed following directions

Easter-themed surprise egg reinforcement

Easter-themed board games

Easter-themed spatial concepts

Interactive editable Easter game

Easter-themed packet (Roll-and-color and following directions pages are best for teletherapy)

Easter-themed /r/ packet (scene, board game, tic-tac-toe)